19 August 2016

What Wikipedia Cannot tell you about Uber self-driving Cars

Uber is a cab service that was launched back in the year 2010. It is an app-based taxi company with its headquarters down in San Francisco. The company has grown to be one of the most popular taxi services now operating in roughly around 280 cities and more than 70 countries worldwide. The popularity of the services is attributed to the simplicity of the service. Customers use an app on their smartphones to request cab services then the apps send requests to available drivers in the area.

Uber self-driving cars

Sounds more like the future. Huh? Not really, wait until find out about the new Uber self-driving cars. Uber are not the first ones to incorporate smartphone apps to business, as it has become more of a trend to businesses these days. This comes with the realization that potential customers will spend more time on their smartphones than any other thing. Just the other day glicode a candy company came up with a coding App Made out of Candy an app to help kids learn to code in a simpler manner.

Even with the many success stories, Uber has been in and out of news negatively in most countries around the globe mainly due to compliance issues. Recently Uber had troubled with the New York lawmakers for not complying. Apparently, Uber did not adhere to New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission requests. Also, some cities have required Uber drivers to undergo fingerprint checks, which the CEO Travis Kalanick considers unjust. These and many others have led to the company being banned in some cities. However, as others say, any publicity is good publicity as even after the vicissitudes the company generates close to $2 billion net revenues. This is much considering the company has celebrated a decade yet.

Many hear self-driving cars and automatically think - Google. Yes, that is true, and that is because Google has been testing their autonomous cars for some time now. However, while Google is still busy testing their cars, the first passenger is already hopping into an uber self-driving car in Pittsburgh. Many companies Ford, Google, Tesla Motors and many others have been testing out the self-driving cars concept, but none has managed to bring them to the market.

Late in 2014, the CEO Travis Kalanick traveled to Pittsburgh with a mission, a mission to get uber self-driving cars. By then Google was already trying out their Google self-driving cars, but Travis did not want a Google uber self-driving car, he wanted an uber self-driving car. Moreover, after the years finally, the fruits of the trip are starting to show. The uber driverless cars are already launched in Pittsburgh the hometown to Carnegie Mellon University Robotic department.

This does not mean we will not be seeing uber Google cars; Uber is known to collaborate well with vehicle manufacturers and with the commencement of self-driving cars to the uber fleet, a partnership with Google is not far from possible.

However, the uber and self-driving cars do not put a stop to Uber drivers, in the meantime, the uber self-driving cars will still have drivers for monitoring purposes.

With the debut of the uber Google cars (as many call them) in Pittsburg, many are eager to know when Uber will bring the self-driving cars to their hometown. The answer to that lies in how fast the self –driving cars technology will stabilize. In the meantime, though one can learn and familiarize themselves with how the uber self-driving cars functions by watching some Google self-driving cars videos on YouTube.

08 August 2016

A coding App Made Out of Candy

In the fast changing technology world the need for computer knowledge is slowly becoming a fundamental need it is for this reason that parents and schools, in general, are trying their best to introduce computer classes to children as early as possible.

In the recent past, computer knowledge was mainly knowing how to turn on a computer and maybe process documents. However currently the need for programs is on the high and thus need for understanding the programming language, otherwise known as coding. Coding has become an essential part in this modern world because the majority of devices these days rely on coding in one way or another.

Glico, a company in Japan known for the production of popular snack such as like Pocky, has gone behind the scene and created a different of snack this time. They have created a delicious way for children to learn coding. The company launched an app known as Glicode to help children learn to code quickly and in a fun way.

It seems candy is the new way of making programming enjoyable with Google known to use candy in naming their entire Android versions line. Glicode is has merged candy and coding to help kids to cultivate the coding culture early.

The Glicode app works by allowing kids to submit instructions to a character and help it get through an obstacle course. However, unlike the usual method of giving the character directions by tapping the screen or rotating the device, here the kids have to organize candies in various formation in addition to snapping pictures to influence the character. In the process of arranging the candies and helping the character get through obstacles, the app teaches the children the basics of programming.

The app is already live on Android though some trustworthy rumors are suggesting the company is developing an IOS version. The app is mainly for Kids, but there is absolutely no reason why no one can try it out.

Check out the app here on Google Play Store

06 August 2016