09 June 2016


A DVI is a digital video interface that is used on computers, television and other displays. The DVI cable is connected to the DVI port of the computer, and the cable is on the other end attached to a HDMI cable that links up with the HDMI port of the television or projector. The mini-DVI is, as suggested in the name, smaller than the regular DVI and it is most commonly used when connecting Apple computers to the television and other displays. Its small size is a significant advantage in that it takes up less computer space.

These mini DVI-HDMI are made specifically for any Apple computer with a mini DVI port. These machines include iMacs, Macbooks and some of the Macbook Pros. They are used in watching movies stored in your PC memory on the television. Mini DVI HDMI adaptors can give resolutions of 1900.1200, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480i and 480p depending on the setup. The main features of the mini DVI HDMI adaptors are the male mini-DVI and the female HDMI adapter, and they are capable of supporting a variety of resolutions on the video cards. The mini DVI HDMI is a set of male 32 in mini DVI and a female HDMI connector that enables video from a device/computer with a mini DVI port to one with an HDMI port. It is usually 5” long and white in color.  

The Mini DVI to HDMI is an adapter that enables one to use HDMI cables with the mini-DVI port on some Apple computers. It allows connection with HD tvs, projectors, and display monitors. The mini-DVI does not support audio but is strictly a video output.

The mini DVI-HDMI is well received by its users as it is flawless in its function. Video quality produced is of very high quality. It works best with the Macbooks as they use high standard connectors. The mini DVI HDMI sells at very affordable prices. It is easy to use because it is a plug and plays meaning that it does not require any installation procedures. It works amazingly when streaming internet movies on the computer to the television. The mini DVI-HDMI are very durable. The mini DVI HDMI fits perfectly, and it does not fall off making it more efficient and convenient to use. This mini DVI-HDMI has a downside to it in that it does not fit with the 13” Macbook Pro because it has a bigger port that cannot accommodate the mini DVI adaptor. Another con is that it does not support audio making it necessary to have more connections for the sound. The adaptor does not work well with new generation Macbooks but the older versions. The mini-DVI is entirely built though most consumers wish it came in black as they are all white in color.

When buying this mini DVI-HDMI adaptor, it is best you first look at the size of your computer’s DVI port because the mini-DVI adapters will not fit in all Apple computers.

07 June 2016

How to start your own Business from home as an Initials, Inc. Representative

Network marketing is an industry that has grown greatly in the last few years. There many network marketing companies in different countries across the globe.  One of these is Initials, Inc.  Initials, Inc is a network marketing company based out of Georgia. Two sisters originated this company back in the year 2005.  It initially began as a small DSA party planning business and today it is a multi-million dollar empire.  The company is set for some serious growth in the future. The serious growth is an important aspect you have to know if at all you are thinking about joining Initials, Inc. 

Initials, Inc deals in handbags, accessories, and other organizational items.  The best reason as to why this company has been doing well ever since its inception is their accolade with some creative partners and distributors who help in opening up their homes for various product presentations to families and friends.  Initials, Inc makes use of the home party model in promoting products. The company uses this type of promotion because it is much more inviting, social, fun and more so comfortable thing to do. 

To become a representative or distributor with Initials, Inc, you need to begin by buying their starter kit.  The starter kit costs about 139 USD and including shipping and taxes.  This package offers you about 13 of your products, catalogs, marketing tools, and even order forms.  Another bonus that also comes with the starter kit is a free site for the first three months. The three months gives you some time to start sharing the website with potential prospects on the go.  You can also make some real cash through the compensation plan as well.  You stand to get 25 % commission on all the products that you have sold personally.  There are still other sales, promotional and recruitment bonuses that you acquire.  The compensation plan by Initials, Inc is pretty fair. Initials, Inc is the perfect company for you to partner with if at all you need some financial freedom. 

Probably at this time you are wondering whether you need to join Initials, Inc.  Initials, Inc is a high-income generation opportunity for you the right person.  The products and the compensation plan are attractive as well.  It takes a lot of effort to get to succeed in such and industry.  Before you can even start earning, it is important to adopt the use of the attraction marking system.  This platform teaches you how you can build your brand, attract leaders, generate leads and even make money.  This even applies to people who have not joined the company.  This is the kind of company you need if at all you need to take your earnings to an all new level.  By combining the online attraction and the personal approach in marketing, you would place yourself in a better place for building a robust network marketing team. 

The overhead of 139 USD is not being offered at a discounted amount of 100 USD.  You will get access to a variety of products, invitations, and forms just to ensure that you are reaching to a larger customer base.  This is a great opportunity for you to boost your earnings through network marketing.  Grab it now!